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A wonderful teacher, colleague and friend – Michael Issitt

Dear Parents,


It is with great sadness that I am writing to tell you that our colleague – Michael Issitt – has passed away. Mr Issitt had been suffering with Covid-19 and although medical workers did all that they could to support him, he has sadly died. Our thoughts are with his family at this tragic time.


Mr. Issitt has been a teacher at Prince Rock for many years and has been a crucial part of our school and its community. He was much loved by us all – staff and children – and one of the kindest and funniest people you could meet. He has been a wonderful teacher, colleague and friend. We have particularly enjoyed and benefitted from his expertise in art, design technology and drama. I know many of you will miss him too.


We have attached a copy of some advice about how to speak to children about bereavement. We suggest using simple wording such as - I have something very sad to tell you. Mr. Issitt, one of the teachers at Prince Rock, has been very, very, very poorly and now he has died. There are also additional sources of help which we have placed on our website if you would like to look at these. If you are struggling yourself with bereavement or with the current lockdown situation, please do ring us at school on 01752 257698 or Julie Constable’s mobile 07930276086.


We know that many children may want to have a way of saying ‘goodbye’ to Mr. Issitt and there are so many ways to do this that are personal and meaningful whilst still observing current guidelines about your safety and that of others. We have a tribute page on our website which we would love you to contribute to. Please email with your tribute and we will upload it for you. This will become a permanent and lasting tribute for Mr Issitt’s family and the whole school community. When the school re-opens, we will have a celebration of Mr. Issitt’s life as a school family.


We are very sorry to bring you this terrible news. This is a time when we know the Prince Rock Community will support each other.


Best wishes,

Cheryl Brake

Websites to support families with bereavement


A tribute to the wonderful teacher, colleague and friend – Michael Issitt