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Intent – Why?

  • Develop sport/event specific skills and understanding
  • Develop transferable physical skills and tactical awareness
  • Provide links with community sports organisations so pupils can extend their knowledge and understanding of skills/tactics/health


Wednesday 15th June


Our annual PSSP Athletics day looked a little different this year. We split the teams into minor, inter and major based on how many children were on roll in KS2 and then each category were allocated a time slot. After covid, we reviewed the event and asked schools what they preferred about the event and how we could improve. We decided that the well-known event was known for its buzzing atmosphere, with lots of competitors coming to compete. Schools pick their top pupils to represent their school with the event becoming like a ‘Plymouth Finals’; all qualities we wanted to keep. To reduce the wait time for races, schools were given a morning or afternoon where their category would come and compete against each other.

On arrival to a beautifully sunny Brickfields, we had our open ceremony where the St George’s dance team got the teams clapping and ready to go with their dance routine. Then it was onto the competition where teams took part in the following events on the track and field:

Year 3: 60m sprint

Year 4: 70m sprint

Year 5: 80m sprint

Year 6: 90m sprint

Year 5/6: 200m run

Year 3/4 4x60m relay

Year 5/6 5x80m relay

Long jump

Vortex throw

Vertical jump

There were some fantastic races and results by all across all three events. This year we even had a few records broken! It was amazing to see the hard work and effort that each school team put in before the event, pay off. Each person who qualified for their schools Athletics team had to get a good time or score out of all the children in their year, to be able to come. To then see each young athlete trying their absolute best to gain those all-important scores for their team, was great.

A huge congratulations to each young athlete that represented their school, you all did so well and continued to cheer each other on from the side-lines. Well done also to the teams that took home a well-deserved trophy this year!


A big thank you to the leaders from City College for their help across both days as well!


Please click on the link below to view the results from the day.