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LAT English Rationale for Reading, Writing and Oracy


Creating a sense of ‘purpose’, ‘audience’ and ‘Oracy’ provided the basis for the LAT English curriculum overview. A clear vision that English should be a key subject within the curriculum alongside the LAT ‘We Will’s’ ensures that all of our children have the opportunity to explore, research, challenge and present their learning in a variety of ways.


A sense of rigour and clear structure means that the National Curriculum is the minimum expectation for all schools within the LAT. Giving new experiences, as well as the development and exposure to a wide range of texts, were considered to create a spiral curriculum (across genres) to build on prior learning and embed key skills. 


Children at Key Stage 1 develop an understanding of communication through speaking, listening, reading and writing by exploring their own lives as well as those close to them. The curriculum develops the basic skills around phonetic awareness to allow children to express their thoughts and ideas. Oracy skills are used to help our children communicate their ideas effectively and as a result become confident speakers. A wide experience of genres allows our children become imaginative, creative storytellers and writers whilst ensuring they are exposed to varied, rich vocabulary.


As they move into Key Stage 2, the concepts remain key to speaking, listening, reading and writing. Oracy, through all areas, enables children to communicate effectively with greater sophistication. Language development remains vital and a broad range of genres (through reading and writing), ensures children experience a wide range of rich vocabulary. As they build on the skills learnt previously, children will use these to effectively present their ideas and learning, applying their speaking, reading and writing skills across the curriculum.


Our aim is to develop articulate speakers, inspired writers and avid readers, who can apply their knowledge of English, to communicate successfully in an ever-changing world.


Please see the specific pages below for detailed information about the intent, implementation and impact of our English curriculum.