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KS2 Change4Life

KS2 Change 4 Life


Intent – Why?


  • Develop fundamental movement skills (Locomotor, Stability, manipulative)
  • Develop positive attitudes and habits
  • Improve mental health and well-being (state of well-being in which every child realises his/her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life


Monday 28th March


The last KS2 Change 4 Life Festival we held was in 2019 so it was great to be able to give children the opportunity to once again take part. 11 schools attended the event with a range of activities on offer. The day started with a small introduction and then the teams of 6 were sent to their scheduled activities. The activities on offer were Climbing, Fruit Smoothie Nija, Monster Mash, Pirates of Plymouth, Target Toss, Mario Kart and Dance. The idea of this festival was to get children active, learning about being healthy but most importantly having lots of fun! Children did two activities to start with that were 45 minutes long each. We then stopped for a lunchbreak and met two special guests that were the Marjon mascots the Lion and the Lamb!

The afternoon kicked off with two more activities of 45 minutes before everyone came together for a final Q+A session with a special guest who was GB rower Chloe Beer and Plymouth Albion player Dan Pullinger. The children asked some really good questions about Chloe's recent Atlantic row challenge where she rowed across the Atlantic Ocean! And about Dan's playing carear. Throughout the day children had the opportunity to get stickers, water bottles and certificates.


The children seemed to really enjoy themselves and learn some new skills. There were lots of red smiling faces by the end of the event. A massive well done to everyone who took part. A huge thank you to Marjon University for allowing us to use their facilities and also providing some fantastic students who led some really well thought out activities, certainly some fantastic teachers in the making.