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Safeguarding at Prince Rock Primary School


The name of the Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Analise Cowan
The name of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Cheryl Brake
The name of the link Nominated Safeguarding Governor is: Alison Hoggan

The name of the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children is: Analise Cowan 

Statutory Guidance
Plymouth Gateway


If you have concerns regarding a child, there is a local organisation called Plymouth Gateway who you can contact to report your concerns. 


The number is: 01752 668000

For more information: 

Reporting a Concern Regarding a Child

If you are worried or concerned about a child, you can report this through the NSPCC website. If you have concerns about a child's safety and wellbeing, including a child in your family, you can use this form to tell the NSPCC helpline. One of our advisors will read it within 24 hours and decide what action needs to be taken.


Please click here if you would like to report a concern regarding a child. 


The childline number for children is: 0800 1111

The Parent line is: 0808 800 5000