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Prince Rock Parliament

This year at Prince Rock we decided to start the selection process a little earlier than last year so we could have the parliament in place from the very start of the year. Working alongside the well established democratically elected School Council, the Prince Rock Parliament is made up of a specially chosen team of year 6 pupils, who expressed an interest in representing subject specific areas of the curriculum: from English and mathematics to humanities and music. Based on their formal letters of application for the advertised roles, the successful candidates were then selected by Mrs. Hanley and made Members of the Prince Rock Parliament. The parliament is led by our Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister who oversee the running of the parliament with a little support from the Speaker of the House, Mrs. Potter.


The aim of our parliament is to encourage and support a collaborative approach to our curriculum provision where the MPs meet termly with subject leaders and their teams to engage in purposeful dialogue regarding learning at Prince Rock. The children are superb ambassadors for our school and represent the interests of their peers with enthusiasm and maturity. In addition, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister meet regularly with the School Councillors to discuss any issues which have arisen from their constituencies (class councils).

Meet the Prince Rock Parliament 2023-24