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Indoor Kurling Event


Intent – Why?


  • Develop fundamental movement skills
  • Develop positive attitudes and habits
  • Work as part of term


Monday 14th March


A fantastic first Kurling competition for our children! Please see a message below from the event organiser:


"Lipson today hosted an indoor Kurling event. For many of the children that attended, this was their first opportunity to represent their school in a sport, so some were understandably a little anxious.  The session started off with the schools having time to play with the Kurling equipment. They were given different activities to encourage them to concentrate on applying the right amount of force such as different lines and then the target itself. Each school then had a couple of games against themselves. This allowed them to play a little more competitively whilst also learning and applying the rules, especially on how to score and how to block or remove stones from the target.


After lunch, the schools played against one another using a ladder format. They played 3 games and the team with the highest score moved up as the other team moved down. Results were also being logged, so we could identify an overall winning team, although the main focus was not upon this, but just on them taking part.

Prince Rock came out as the most successful team in regards to the most games won. They received a gold medal each and a pack of certificates to take home with them. Salisbury Road, Mount Street and Laira Green also did amazingly and had certificates to take back with them. 

Well done to all the students who took part in the event today. It was a fun event that got everyone involved in a fun, but competitive way. Thank you to the staff for bringing the students along and to the Lipson Sports Leaders who supported the running of the event."