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Girls Football


Intent - Why?

Develop sport/event specific skills and understanding

Develop transferable physical skills and tactical awareness

Develop character and life skills (build resilience, determination, cooperation, mutual respect, tolerance, courage)


Wednesday 28th February


Participation in girls' football events has been something Prince Rock has been working hard on and it's a transformative experience that nurtures a range of essential skills and qualities. On Wednesday 28th February, the girls' football club took part in the very first competition! On the field, players developed sport-specific skills like dribbling, passing, and tactical awareness, which they can transfer to other areas of life. These physical skills, coupled with discipline and commitment, build resilience and determination that are invaluable off the pitch. Moreover, through teamwork and competition, players learn cooperation, mutual respect, and courage, shaping them into well-rounded individuals equipped for success both on and off the field.


We are very proud of all the girls who took and hope to be going to more events like this in the future!