School Logo

Ethos and Values

Believe you can. Together we will. 


Our Prince Rock values:


·  Nurture: We are a family who care deeply for our children, our community and each other, which helps us to lead happy, safe and healthy lives.  


·  High expectations: We provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities across the curriculum so that all children can be demonstrate excellent behaviour, become reflective learners, achieve excellence and strive for future success.  


·  Community: We are highly motivated to work together as a staff team, with our families, community and with the wider trust to organise and provide enriching experiences.


·  Positivity: We face challenges with determination, resilience, and imagination to succeed in our endeavours, with the support of our Prince Rock family. 


·  Diversity: We provide a safe and stimulating environment where everyone is included and celebrated.  

·  Kindness: We treat each other with kindness, compassion and honesty and build trusting relationships. 




The motto of the Learning Academies Trust is inspired by these aims:


‘Believe you can. Together we will.’


The words below sum up the core purpose of the Learning Academies Trust:


We are the Learning Academies Trust

We are a team and we are a family.

We believe that with desire, discipline and dedication, we can change our world and our place within it.

There are no shortcuts to success. There are no limits to what we can achieve.

As a team and as a family, we will either find a way or we will make one. 

We are the Learning Academies Trust!


The Learning Academies Trust – what do we believe in?


LAT Mission: Together we will…Work with our children, families and communities to provide exceptional learning opportunities for all children.


LAT Vision: Together we will be a family of schools ensuring excellence in primary education.


LAT Values: Aspiration, Excellence, Collaboration, Inclusivity, Kindness, Respect


Together we will make the following commitments:


Together we will … not let disadvantage be an obstacle to success. 


  • Together we will ... achieve the best outcomes for all.


  • Together we will…work to harness the collective power of all.


  • Together we will…celebrate the unique nature of our diverse school communities. 


  • Together we will…be caring and thoughtful in everything we do.


  • Together we will... act with integrity and honesty.