School Logo

Ethos and Values

The motto of the Learning Academies Trust is inspired by these aims:


‘Believe you can. Together we will.’


The words below sum up the core purpose of the Learning Academies Trust:


We are the Learning Academies Trust

We are a team and we are a family.

We believe that with desire, discipline and dedication, we can change our world and our place within it.

There are no shortcuts to success. There are no limits to what we can achieve.

As a team and as a family, we will either find a way or we will make one. 

We are the Learning Academies Trust!


The Learning Academies Trust – what do we believe in?

As a newly formed MAT, the ‘Learning Academies Trust’ has three core beliefs that underpin its work.

  • We believe that every child in our Trust deserves an outstanding education, whatever their starting point or background.
  • We believe that the individual schools in our Trust will work most effectively when they work together
  • We believe that every school in our Trust is unique and should serve the needs of its own local community


Every school in the Learning Academies trust will have its own individual mission statement and agreed set of individual school aims and values.


However, every school in the Trust is signed up and committed to the following values. The seven Learning Academy Trust ‘We wills’

  • We will strive for the highest possible academic standards and do everything we can to improve the life chances of the children in our care
  • We will aim to develop our children as responsible rounded citizens
  • We will do everything we can to develop our children’s love of enquiry and perseverance and encourage them to be truly ‘lifelong learners’
  • We will provide a rich and stimulating curriculum for all our children which is both broad and balanced as well as exciting and relevant
  • We will establish an inspirational environment in every classroom in every school
  • We will all work hard and try our very best every day to be ‘outstanding’ in everything we do and strive to be truly ‘world class'. 


And finally the unique ingredient that makes The Learning Academies Trust a very special place to both learn in and work in.  


  • We will not let social disadvantage be an obstacle to success. We know that with great leadership, inspirational teaching, caring pastoral support and hard work, every child in every one of our schools can succeed.