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Please find below the relevant information relating to our school and academy. Please speak to a member of our administration team who will be able to deal with any questions or queries. 


Prince Rock Primary School

Embankment Road

Prince Rock




Tel: (01752) 257698


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Relevant Contacts 

Mr S Spry - Learning Academies Trust CEO

Miss C Brake - Headteacher

Mrs L Hanley - Deputy Headteacher, KS1 and EYFS Lead

Miss A Cowan - Assistant Headteacher, DSL and SEN Team 

Miss E McMillan - Assistant Headteacher, English & Early Reading Lead and ECT Lead

Mrs R Pitt - SLT, Behaviour Lead, Computing Lead and Maths Team 

Miss G Down - SLT, Maths Lead and PE Team 


Mrs M Watt - SENCo and Music Team

Mrs A Howourth - Science and Computing Team

Mrs N Bennett - History Lead and ITE Lead 

Miss E Owen - Geography and Healthy Schools Lead 

Miss D Prothero - RE Lead

Miss K Sykes - PSHE Lead 

Mrs M Potter - Pupil Voice Lead

Miss S Upton - Science, EAL and Global Lead

Mr J Allen - MFL Lead

Miss K Johnson - Art Lead 

Mr J Brooking - PE Lead  

Mrs B Dore - DT Lead

Mrs J Bradbury - English Team

Miss E Witts - ECT 

Mr S Walker - ECT 

Ms T Green

Mrs R Benson - Maternity Leave (English Team)

Miss K Brimacombe - Maternity Leave (Music Lead)

Mrs L Bailey - Maternity Leave (Science Team)


Mrs Claire Macaskill - Senior School Administrator

Mrs Anna Lamb - School Administrator 

Mrs Tina Venn - School Business Manager

Mrs Bella Epsley-Cook - Family Liaison Officer

Mr Kevin Bishop - Chair of Governors 


If you would like to contact our Chair of Governors or SENCO, please contact reception using the details provided above. 

Learning Academy Trust Contact Information

Central MAT Office
Salisbury Road Primary




Phone: (01752) 938028

Company Number: 10285015 


Paper Copies 

If you require a paper copy of any of the information that appears on our school website then please contact the office, using the details above, to request this. 


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