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Music at Prince Rock


Music Rationale


Our music curriculum encourages children to immerse themselves in musical learning that engages, inspires, challenges, provokes, exhilarates and liberates.

The teaching of music throughout the LAT encourages children to engage through regular, structured skills and knowledge-based lessons, providing an opportunity for pupils to develop their musicality, as well as drawing on new skills. With singing as our key driver, our children learn a wide variety of knowledge through song and musical performances, which further enhances their ability to internalise and memorise key information. At Prince Rock, the children attend a weekly singing assembly where they learn a range of songs that are mostly linked to social, moral and cultural themes. In addition, our weekly singing club gives children the opportunity to demonstrate their passion for singing, sing with other children across the school and learn how to prepare for a performance.

We believe that music is a universal language and are committed to providing equal opportunities for all children including those who are disadvantaged and with SEND and EAL. Across the LAT, we fully encourage and enable our children to take creative risks and immerse themselves intellectually, emotionally, physically and kinaesthetically in their musical learning experience. Through the interrelated dimensions of music (pulse, pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, timbre, structure, texture and notation), our children are able to develop their creativity in a well-managed and safe environment. At Prince Rock, children are able to do this in our well-equipped music room.

Music performance and composition play an integral part in developing our young musicians. Collaboratively, children develop their social skills and well-being through the sharing of ideas, skills, singing and playing instruments. At Prince Rock, there are many opportunities for our children to learn specific instrumental skills which include First Access keyboard tuition in Year 4. The children are then offered the opportunity to further develop these skill in a weekly keyboard club, run by a music specialist. Furthermore, we fully encourage and enable opportunities for collaborative performances across the LAT, providing enrichment for children.

Our music philosophy encourages children to assess and critique a wide variety of musical genres and composers through listening to the music of others. By developing the skills of responding to music, pupils are able to use those skills to effectively assess and improve upon their own work and that of their peers. Prince Rock’s ‘Composer of the Term’ aims to immerse the children in the works of composers across different genres of music, explaining their significance in history.

Music is an important catalyst to learning a wider variety of knowledge across the entire curriculum. At the LAT, we utilise music as not only a subject within its own right but also as an enhancer for other subjects.


Key Stage Breakdown:


EYFS: The EYFS curriculum is due to be updated in Autumn Term – watch this space!


In Key Stage 1, the children will learn to use their voices to sing expressively through learning songs and chants. They will begin to develop an awareness of the different interrelated dimensions of music through listening to a range of live and recorded music, and exploring and playing tuned and untuned instruments. Children will contribute to group and class compositions and begin to record their ideas using graphic notation.


In Key Stage 2, the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of the different interrelated dimensions of music through composing and performing their own music. In addition, the children will explore music from other countries, cultures and that of great composers. The children will learn how to read and record staff notation, and in year 4, the children will learn to play the keyboard through whole-class tuition. Children will also use technology to aid their understanding of music and to record their compositional work.

Music Matrix