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At Prince Rock, we believe our curriculum should provide all of our children with a solid foundation of key knowledge that encourages, inspires and supports them to achieve and exceed their potential. Over the past year, teachers and leaders within the LAT have worked collaboratively to develop a curriculum which suits the needs of all of our children and aims to support the development of their long-term learning and memory. Our newly constructed curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum. 


Through our curriculum, children engage in a wide variety of learning that develops their creative, artistic, musical, cultural and sporting abilities.  Our curriculum is enhanced by a selection of after school/lunchtime clubs which are well subscribed. The school takes part in many competitive inter-school competitions, such as: debate, football and athletics competitions. The children take part in many off-site visits, including: residential trips for year 3 and 5, visitor assemblies, cultural capital assemblies and extra-curricular activities. These are all provided with the intention of broadening the knowledge, skills and life experiences of our children.   


We hope you find the information provided useful. If you would like further information about individual subjects, topics or how to support your child's learning please refer to the specific subject areas below, the class curriculum overviews or contact your child's class teacher via the office. 

The LAT curriculum design is grounded by key subject drivers: History, Geography, Science, Maths and English. In addition, each term staff deliver topics which take deep dives into specific subjects. This includes: DT and Art. These subjects are carefully positioned across the year and are partnered with others that allow enhanced opportunities for the development of knowledge and skills. The table below models how the curriculum is organised. 

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LAT Curriculum