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The curriculum at Prince Rock Primary School


At PRPS, we believe that all of our children, including disadvantaged and those with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) will achieve their absolute best. Our aim is to provide all of our pupils with an excellent education; and education which encourages, inspires provides cultural capital and supports the development of their long-term memory to help them succeed at and beyond Prince Rock.


We have worked collaboratively across the LAT to develop a curriculum that is ambitious for all of our pupils from EYFS through to Year 6. The curriculum is coherently designed and carefully sequenced (ensuring full coverage of and moving beyond the National Curriculum). Curriculum leaders have adapted our curriculum to ensure we take full advantage of our local area. We want Prince Rock children to understand the world around them as well as developing their knowledge of people’s values and beliefs and the places that are important beyond our school and city.  


Our curriculum is based on the LAT principles and values (Aspiration, Excellence, Collaboration, Inclusivity, Kindness and Respect). Our Prince Rock ‘hidden curriculum’, teaches our children to follow these values but to also be curious, attentive, determined, imaginative, thoughtful, social, reflective and organised. These personal qualities and skills are enhanced by a broad offer of extra-curricular opportunities, sporting, musical and creative events across the school calendar. Our children are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills and we have an active School Council and School Parliament. These children work alongside subject leaders to monitor and develop each area of the curriculum across the school. Through all aspects of our curriculum, we are determined to develop our children’s sense of their place in the world beyond the city we live in.



Across the different subjects areas, teachers plan for and children experience:

  • Substantive knowledge rich lessons where children build upon prior learning
  • The disciplinary knowledge needed to be successful scientists, historians, artists and more
  • Focus on developing themselves as learners
  • Lessons that provide progression and challenge
  • A curriculum that is well adapted, designed and developed to be ambitious and meet the needs of all learners to ensure children know more and can remember more
  • Use of dual coding, retrieval practice and key concepts
  • Oracy focus throughout – developing skills in all four areas of oracy
  •  Engagement with wider organisations (e.g The Box, Take-a-part, Local choirs and libraries)



Our curriculum is ambitious and challenging: it is carefully and coherently planned and sequenced to ensure that our children know and remember a wide range of knowledge and skills for the future.

As the children progress through the curriculum, they make excellent progress. Impact is measured through a range of summative assessments, wider writing opportunities and conversations with children.

Children will leave Prince Rock Primary School as well rounded individuals who are confident, kind and caring individuals who have the knowledge and skills to be successful in secondary school and beyond.

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