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Year 6

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 6

Our topic this term is ‘World War II’



Reading and Writing

Through their reading, the  children will develop and hone their skills across a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and will begin to write their responses to   comprehension questions. They will consider the impact the author has on the  reader. Our author of the term is Emma Carroll and we will be reading her book, Letters from the Lighthouse to help develop our understanding of life in World War II. In writing, we will spend the first part of the term completing six mini units to help recap on the pupils’ prior learning. After the half term, we will be linking our writing to our topic and will again explore a range of genres. Grammar will be taught through our writing units and we will focus on the children’s use of punctuation to add extra information.



In the first few weeks, the children will be working on their knowledge of number and place value. The children will be continuing their work in the four main mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They will use their skills to solve real life problems.  In the second half of the term, the children will focus on practising the use of fractions. They will learn to add, subtract and multiply fractions.  In all areas of maths, the children will focus on reasoning and problem solving.




Across the term, the children will be learning about light: how light travels, whether materials reflect light and how shadows are formed. Throughout these units, the children will work scientifically and conduct their own investigations.



Other Subjects

In History, the children will be studying the main events from World War II, including the impact and effect on our local area. In Design and Technology, the children will be creating a model WWII tent for an interactive exhibition. We will be considering what it means to be a global citizen in PSHE. The children will continue to explore how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly in Computing. They will also learn how to work remotely using Microsoft Teams. In Spanish, the children will build their learning from year 5 by revising classroom items and prepositions. They will progress onto telling the time in Spanish. As part of their learning in music, the children will be learning how to play a chromatic scale and to recognise changes in pitch when playing a famous WWII song on tuned percussion  This term, the children will be joined by Plymouth Argyle in one of their P.E sessions; they will be learning how to develop their skills in netball. In R.E, we will be considering the Christian belief about God as a Creator and studying Judaism.



PE Days

Suitable clothing and trainers will be needed for P.E. on Thursdays.



Key Dates and General Reminders


SATs week: Monday 10th – Thursday 13th May.


Homework books will be handed out on a Friday.

It is to be completed by the following Thursday.

Spellings will be given out each Friday, to be learned by the following Friday.


Homework on Microsoft Teams