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Year 6

Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 6

Our topic this term is ‘Make A Difference’




Over the course of this term, we will be looking at writing genres linked to our Science and Geography topics. We will start the term by looking at non-chronological reports based around the book, Extreme Animals. The children will have the opportunity to write about an animal of their choosing and will create a class encyclopaedia. We will also be writing a science-fiction piece of writing about an alien who arrives in our country in the future. The children will use all that they have learn about global warming and the damaging effect humans are having on the environment to describe what the alien might encounter in a world that may exist in the future. After half term, we will return to non-fiction writing and the children will write a balanced argument about the positives and negatives of deforestation. They will learn to structure an argument, engage the reader in the debate and also present a non-biased discussion. Through all of our units, we will continue to embed the grammar the pupils need to learn and we will also teach discrete grammar sessions to reinforce and develop our understanding grammar taught across Key Stage 2.



Throughout the term, we will be completing daily whole class reading sessions focusing on a range of skills: understanding vocabulary, prediction, inference, retrieval, explanation, summarising and sequencing a text. In our fiction unit, we plan to look at a few texts by the Author of the Term, Michael Morpurgo. This will link in to our class book, which is Running Wild. We will also explore a range of non-fiction texts including pieces on habitat destruction, evolution and camels. We will also look at some past SATs texts to help us develop our comprehension of a wider range of genres.



This term the children will be covering all of the main aspects of maths in a series of revision lessons. We will heavily focus on understanding reasoning and word problems and will cover many topics. We will begin with measure and will cover topics such as time, converting units of length, weight and mass and the children will also learn how to convert between miles and kilometres. We will also look at area, perimeter and volume. We will also be learning about ratio and proportion and algebra which will be new areas of learning as they are taught only in Year 6. In the second half of the term, we will spend some time looking at statistics (charts, graphs and averages) as well as looking at shape and space.



This term the children are learning about evolution and inheritance. They will look at the evolution of man and will understand how the process of evolution occurs. They will study fossils to help them understand how living things have changed over time. We will then move onto learning about Living Things and Their Habitats which will build on some of the learning in our evolution topic.


Other Subjects

Our topic this term is Globalisation and this focuses on the impact of trade on the world and how an increase in trade partnerships is both beneficial and detrimental. We will look at carbon footprint, clothing production, choices when purchasing food and the development of the internet. In Spanish, the children will start by exploring the work of the artist Pablo Picasso. They will learn to say and write Spanish phrases about colours and the art equipment he may have used. We will also revise greetings, days of the week and months of the year before moving on to tell the time in Spanish. During their RE lessons, pupils will learn about people who choose not to believe in a God and their reasons for this. They will study the idea of religion versus science and begin to understand why some people choose to believe and others don’t. PE will be both indoors and outdoors this term. We will begin with tag rugby and balances. In computing, the children will make and design a PowerPoint presentation which shares their research on being healthy. They will learn how to format slides and add transitions. In art, the children will explore the work of Kandinsky whilst building the work up to create their own piece of artwork.


PE Days

Suitable clothing and trainers will be needed for P.E. on Mondays and Thursdays.



Key Dates and General Reminders

Class Assembly: Friday 31st January

SATs week: Monday 13th – Thursday 16th May.

Leavers’ play: Wednesday 17th and Friday 19th July (times TBC).


Homework books will be handed out on a Friday.

It is to be completed by the following Thursday.

Spellings will be given out each Friday, to be learned by the following Friday.