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Year 5

Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 5

Our topic this term is Islamic Civilization: Study of Baghdad



In English this term, we will be looking at performance poetry, explanatory text and stories from other cultures. The children will look at examples of stories from other cultures and then write their own. They will also read a range of explanatory texts and then, research, plan and write their own. Throughout the term the children will continue to learn how to use brackets and commas to add extra information for the reader as well as cohesive devices. In reading, we will continue to develop our inference and prediction skills. This term, our class read is reading The boy at the back of the class by Onjai Q Rauf



In our mathematic lessons, the children will be consolidating their understanding of perimeter and area, place value, revising addition, subtraction, multiplication & division as well as focusing on fractions. In fractions, they will be finding equivalents, adding and subtracting fractions, converting fractions into improper fractions and mixed numbers. The children will have the opportunity to use their reasoning skills and problem-solving skills within their lessons as well as work in pairs and small groups on investigations. We are also practising our times tables every day and will be consolidating all of the times tables that we have learnt this term.



In science this term, we will be looking at Earth and Space and Forces. We shall learn about the planets in our solar system, the different properties that the different planets have and also about the phases of the moon.   After the February half-term, we shall explore forces and spend time looking at gravity as well as the effects of air resistance and water resistance. The children will take part in a range of exciting experiments and investigations.


Other Subjects

Our topic this term is Islamic Civilization: Study of Baghdad!  We will find out how Islam was formed, the city of Baghdad, how different was Baghdad to London in 900AD, the House of Wisdom and about the siege of Baghdad.   In Art we will be making mosaics and in D.T we will be preparing food from the Middle East.  Computing lessons will involve coding a game using Scratch and E-Safety.  In R.E. we’ll examine ‘Islam and Christianity.’   For P.E. we will be practising our fundamental skills and apply them to game situations. We will be learning to play tag rugby and have an inter-house tournament at the end of the term. In music, we will be learning to play the glockenspiel. In Spanish we be learning Spanish phrases and using them in conversations we will also be consolidating the vocabulary that we already know.


PE Days

P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursday, but the children will need a full PE kit in school every day.


Key Dates and General Reminders

  • Reading books are needed in school every day. Homework is given out on a Friday to be returned to school on Thursday.
  • Spellings will come home on Friday and are tested on Fridays.