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Year 5

Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 5

Our topic this term is ‘Victorian Plymouth’



The children will be learning about Legends, Biographies and Poetry this term. We will study a number of different legends focussing on plot, characterisation of legends as well as story structure. In addition, the children will be working on their grammar and punctuation skills and take part in daily handwriting sessions.


 The children will write their own legends. Later on in the term, children will be creating their own biographies and will explore narrative poetry linked to our history.


Reading lessons will involve whole class reading sessions and the teaching of skills such as prediction, summarising the text and learning to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words. Our class read this term is Gaslight by Eloise Williams.


This term the children will be refining their understanding of place value and number by interpreting negative numbers in context, counting forwards and backwards with positive and negative whole numbers, including through zero.  They will also be reading Roman numerals to 1000 (M) and recognising years written in Roman numerals.  The children will also be adding and subtracting whole numbers with more than four digits, including using formal written methods.  The children will also be exploring multiplication, division and statistics, as well as studying their times tables on a daily basis.


This term, we will be studying properties and changes in materials. During our sessions, we will be required to compare and group together everyday materials based on their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity and response to magnets. We shall also consider ways of separating these materials using sieves, colanders, magnets and filter paper before considering what materials dissolve and investigate our ideas on this. In our lessons, we will have to give reasons, based on evidence from our comparative and fair tests, for the particular uses of these everyday materials.

Other Subjects

This term, we will be taking part in a local history study linked to the Victorians. We will be considering how the Victorians impacted on Plymouth and will study key people from this time. Furthermore, we will be studying Victorian life, their achievements and their influence on the rest of the world. In our geography sessions, we will be studying and describing human geography. In addition to this, we will be locating the world’s countries, using maps. In music, we will be learning to sing songs with increasing control of breathing, posture and sound projection. In art, we will be exploring the impact of William Morris and will use his work to create our own printing blocks. In D.T., we will be designing and creating our own on Victorian automatons. During our computing lessons, we will be focusing on E-Safety and creating a virtual galley using a range of software. In R.E. we will be s exploring Christianity and Hinduism. P.E. will see us learning invasion games, improving our fundamental skills as well as completing a PAFC project. We will also be improving our knowledge of Spanish within our modern foreign languages lessons. In PSHE, we will be look at being me in my world and focus on celebrating differences.

PE Days

P.E. is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Key Dates and General Reminders

  • PAFC Project (12th Sep— 17th Oct)
  • Heatree Residential (11th—15th Nov)
  • Reading books will be needed in school every day.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and will need to be returned to school on the following Thursday.
  • Spellings will come home on Friday and will be tested on the following Friday.
  • P.E. is on a Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Please could you ensure that your child also brings a water bottle to school everyday.