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Year 4

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 4

Our topic this term is: The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.



In English this term, the children will be completing a range of weekly ‘mini units’ in order to support the development of their year 3 knowledge which may have been impacted upon due to COVID-19. We will be focusing on punctuation, grammar and a range of sentence structures. Later on, the children will use their reading of our explanation text ’How did the Vikings sail their long ships?’ to inspire their own writing of an explanation text using a range of grammatical features that they have learnt. In addition, a range of drama activities will take place across the term throughout their English lessons.  In reading, we will continue to develop our super 7 skills by reading a wide and rich variety of poetry, fiction and non-fiction texts. This will all be linked to our English units and broader curriculum. Our exciting whole class daily read will be Anglo-Saxon Boy written by Tony Bradman.



This term the children will be revisiting previous concepts in both their math's lessons and Fluent in Five sessions. The children will begin by refining their understanding of the place value of 4-digit numbers. Then, within addition and subtraction, children will be using the formal written methods of column addition and subtraction. The children will also be exploring multiplication and division, learning both formal written methods and mental strategies. They will be encouraged to draw upon their known number facts too. In addition, the children will be studying their times tables on a daily basis through the times tables rock stars programme ready for their multiplication check in June.



Our Science topic this term is Electricity. In this unit, the children will learn about the hazards of electricity and how to keep safe. They will draw and create electrical circuits and understand the purpose of a switch. They will be developing their ability to work scientifically by carrying out a range of investigations, for example testing which materials are conductors or insulators.


Other Subjects

Our history topic this term is ‘The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.’  We will be focusing on the way the invaders captured and settled in different parts of Britain. In Geography, the children will be exploring natural resources available around the world. In computing, the children will be discussing the importance of e-safety and how to complete assignments set on Microsoft Teams. In music, the children will be learning how to play the keyboard and read music. In DT this term, children will be testing and evaluating different materials to make an effective torch. In Art, the children will be developing their drawing skills.  In RE, the children will be exploring Christianity and the symbol of the trinity. The children learn Spanish weekly and will be developing their vocabulary. In P.E. the children will be following the REAL PE unit of learning which focuses on developing coordination skills. Finally, we will have weekly PSHE sessions which follow the Jigsaw scheme.


PE Days

Our P.E. session is on Monday but the children will need a full PE kit in school every day.


Key Dates and General Reminders

  • Reading books are needed in school every day.
  • Children should aim to quiz once a week/read one coloured book a week.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday to be returned to school on Thursday.
  • Spellings will come home on Friday and are tested on Fridays.
  • Water bottles are needed every day.
  • Please label all of your child’s belongings, including P.E. kits.

Thank you,

Mrs Bennett and Mrs Dore.