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Year 3

Homework 25.09.20

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 3

Our topic this term is the Stone Age to the Iron Age.



The children will be completing a series of ‘mini units’ in order to support the development of their year 3 knowledge which may have been impacted upon due to COVID-19. Within these units, we will look specifically at key spellings, punctuation and grammar. Later on in the term, the children will be creating instruction texts inspired by the book ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ and complete a poetry unit on shape and calligram poetry. In addition, the children will take part in daily handwriting sessions. Reading lessons will involve whole class reading sessions and the teaching of the super seven reading skills (VIPERSS). Our class read this term is The Boy with the Bronze Axe by Kathleen Fidler.



This term the children will be revising previous concepts in both their maths lessons and arithmetic sessions. In addition to this they will be refining their understanding of place value and number including counting in multiples, finding 10 or 100 more or less than a given number, recognising the place value of each digit in a three digit number and comparing and ordering numbers. The children will move on to adding and subtracting three digit numbers using both mental and formal written methods. The children will also be exploring multiplication and division.



This term we are studying forces and magnets. The children will conduct practical experiments to study gravity and force, including the effects of friction on different surfaces. We will explore magnetism, what a magnetic field is and the effects magnets have on one another and different metals. We will also test our predictions and learn how to classify and record data including creating bar charts.

PE Days

In P.E. we will continue to look at FUNdamental skills focusing on co-ordination and balancing.
 P.E. will be every Friday.
Please ensure your child’s P.E kit is labelled.


Other Subjects

Our topic is ‘The Stone Age to The Iron Age.’ We will be using our enquiry skills to bring this period of history to life and learning lots of interesting facts. In Geography we will be looking at landscape changes in Britain and how Stone Age settlers used the land to live. In art we will look at cave paintings and making ‘Stone Age’ jewellery using clay replicating the techniques used in the past. In D.T. we will be learning about levers and linkages to make our own working litter pickers. During music, we will be learning to play the glockenspiel 

glockenspiel with control and will improvise using the notes we have learnt. In computing we will complete an e-safety unit on staying safe online and will begin to look at computer based programming using the programme Scratch. During R.E. we will be exploring Christianity and thinking about 'The Creation Story'. This year we are going to be learning Spanish, which will start with basic conversational skills and counting. For our P.S.H.E. Jigsaw unit, we will be looking at what makes us unique.


Key Dates and General Reminders

  • Reading books are needed in school every day.
  • Children should aim to quiz once a week/read one coloured book a week.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday to be returned to school by the following Thursday.
  • Spellings will be set on a Friday and are tested on the Friday after.
  • Water bottles are needed every day.


Thank you,

Miss Konnaris, Mrs Northmore and Mr Allen