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Year 2

Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 2

Our topic this term is ‘Our Local Area –

My backyard’




Across the autumn term we will be reading a range of fiction, including traditional tales and poetry.  We will develop our story writing skills and start to use different grammatical features to make our writing even more exciting.  We will also focus on explanation texts linked to our topic work.  Throughout the term we will be learning and consolidating letter sounds as well as beginning to learn the spellings for Year 2 from the National Curriculum. 


Our author for this term is Philip Ardagh.  Each week we will take part in guided reading or whole class reading. The children will continue to use different strategies to decode unfamiliar texts and will answer a range of different questions about a text they have read. Any reading that is done at home will be very helpful.


This term we will be counting forwards and backwards in ones, twos, threes, fives and tens. We will be consolidating our knowledge of place value and the value of each digit in a 2-digit number. In addition to this we will also continue to practise our addition and subtraction skills and we will begin to use simple multiplication in the form of repeated addition. We will be securing our recall of basic number facts. Also, we will be identifying and describing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


During the first half term we will be learning about living things and their habitats. We will be focusing on exploring the differences between things that are alive, dead or non-living. We will describe how animals obtain their foods from plants and other animals using food chains. We will be observing in the African garden and looking for different types of mini-beasts.


Other Subjects

The topic this term is ‘Our Local Area—My backyard’. We will be finding out about Changes in Plymouth over time in History.  In Geography we will locate Plymouth on a map and recognise our local landmarks.  During DT, work will focus on joining materials and construction. After half term we will be looking at the work of the artist Brian Pollard as an inspiration for our art. During these art lessons we will be drawing, painting and colour mixing to make our own Plymouth artworks. In music, we will be using our voices expressively. During our Computing lessons we will begin to look at non-computer and computer based programming. We will be having some gymnastics sessions delivered by a PE specialist from Lipson.  We will also create a dance based on “Funnybones” and will practise and develop our fundamental skills in our games sessions. In RE we will be finding out how Muslims live and why Christmas matters to Christians. Our PSHE theme is ‘ Being me in my World ’.

PE Days

PE for both 2O and 2PB is Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon

Key Dates and General Reminders

Homework is given out on a Friday and is to be returned by the following Wednesday.

Spellings are given out on a Monday and need to be learnt by the following Monday.

Library books are changed weekly, usually on a Wednesday.

Please name all your children’s clothes and belongings.


Other Subjects

We will be finding out about famous explorers from different times of history. During our DT work will focus on the work of a designer which we will use to design a moving picture. After half term we will use ‘exploration’ as an inspiration for our art work. During these art lessons, we will be using a range of materials to make our pictures. In music, we will begin to look how to use instruments to create sounds. During our Computing lessons we will begin to look at non-computer and computer based programming. PE will be made up of dance and games. During our games lessons we will be practising and developing our fundamental skills. In RE we will be looking at ‘Beliefs’, from both the Christian and Jewish perspective. Our SMSC theme is ‘Changes’.


 Year 2 have P.E. on TUESDAYS.  Please ensure your child has a full P.E. kit in school at all times (including plimsolls), and ensure that they don’t wear any earrings on these days.  Spellings will be given out each Friday, and need to be learnt for the following Friday. Homework will be sent home on Friday, to be returned each week on Wednesday. 

We will continue to change our library books weekly, usually on a Wednesday.