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Good morning, Year 5, 


We look forward to seeing you at 9am and 1.15pm for our Teams meeting. 


You have three tasks to complete this morning, which are:


Maths - Worksheet and link: Spr5.11.2 - Order and compare decimals on Vimeo 

In this lesson, you will be ordering and comparing decimals. 


WCR - Brazil Text and Questions 

You will have a non-fiction text about Brazil and a range of VIPERSS questions. 


Writing - Haiku PowerPoint and creating a poem

In order to support your writing in class on Friday, you need to read through the PowerPoint and complete your own Rainforest themed Haiku. 


You have two tasks to complete this afternoon which are:



Please see the PowerPoint from Ms Cowan. 



In music this term, we will be learning how to play Samba rhythms and perform as a Samba ensemble (group).


In this lesson, you will learn a Brazilian call and response song. Following this, you will be introduced to Samba and its origins, explore its key characteristics and perform part of a four-part polyrhythm.


Lesson link -


Quiz link -


We hope you have a great day and we will see you on Friday.

Miss McMillan and Miss Down