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Welcome to Year 3's Home Learning Page 

Please find attached our plan for the day. 

We will send out a Teams Invite for a chat at: 





Task – Up-levelling sentences.

Extend simple sentences by adding expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and further information to make them more interesting. For example,

An owl hooted.


An elegant, snow-white owl hooted from the treetop as it spotted the mouse below.


Column addition questions

Task: If you have Word, submit your answers via Teams or send a photograph of your work to

Whole Class Reading 

This week we will be reading ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne. Today, our lesson is on answering questions on a text. Watch the video and then answer the questions.

Task: Follow the link below or on Google, search: Into the forest Anthony Browne Oak Academy and click on lesson 3.


In Science today we will be revising last lesson’s content
on ‘How we can identify different types of Rocks.
In this lesson, we are going to become geologists! We have some problems to solve which are going to require us to make careful observations and construct an identification key to help us to identify different rocks. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a
ruler for this lesson.


Spend some time looking at the new Spanish vocabulary sheet for the Summer Term. Which words are similar to English words?