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Good morning Year 1

For your home learning today we have given you a pack of activities linked to our in school learning. There will also be two live sessions on Teams (logins are attached to your print out). The morning session will begin at 9am and the afternoon session will begin at 1pm.


English- This week we have been using –s and –es endings in our writing. Remember that if a word ends in x,z,s,ch,sh you add –es. Can you write some sentences including adjectives and conjunctions using the words we have already practised in school?


Phonics- Can you spot the sounds in all of these words? Add your dots and dashes and then practise sounding out and reading each word.


Book Talk- In Book Talk we have been exploring different rhyming texts. Can you learn a nursery rhyme and draw a picture from it?


Maths- In maths we have been thinking about multiplication and division. We have included a number bonds to 20 activity to practise your calculations and a doubling activity. Doubling means you add the same number again. Don’t forget you can also play on Numbots.


Science- In science we are exploring different types of common and garden plants. If you have time maybe you could go for a walk and search for some of the plants on the tick sheet. If not you can save this for another time.


Have a lovely day and we will see you tomorrow

Miss Johnson and Miss Sykes