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The impact of Pupil Premium Spending 2013 - 2014

Pupil Premium spending at Prince Rock is working!


This is additional money we receive from the government to support the learning of our children who are either entitled to free school meals, are from a service family or are looked after by the local authority. The money is intended to ensure that these pupils do not fall behind their peers in their learning.


At Prince Rock, children entitled to pupil premium money do extremely well! By the time they leave Prince Rock, they are achieving far more highly than this group nationally. In fact, they are achieving more highly than ALL children nationally. We aspire to close the gap entirely and, after careful consideration of research evidence and our own school priorities, during 2013-2014 we spent the money on:


  • Specialist Tuition                                           £29,035
  • Pupil & Family Services                                £6,040
  • Extra Curricular Activities                           £10,515
  • Funded School Trips                                     £7,338
  • Early Reading Interventions                       £39,742
  • Walking Bus                                                   £3,520
  • TA Specialist Support                                    £16,594
  • Outdoor Education                                        £250


TOTAL                                                                   £113,054


The following details explain this spending in more detail:

Specialist Tuition                   £29,035


Music £990

A number of free school meal children had free, specialist weekly keyboard tuition. Research shows that music tuition has an impact on wider learning and on the confidence and concentration skills of pupils. The excellent behaviour for learning of pupils at Prince Rock is noted by all visitors.


G&T £2,743

Our pupil premium children (including service families) have had their learning enhanced activities such as maths, literacy and science enrichment at the University of Plymouth. Some of our G&T pupil premium children have achieved high comparative achievement levels, including one Year 6 PP child who made 4 levels of progress to achieve  level 6 in maths.


SEN Resources £1000

Some of our PP children with additional needs have had access to specialist resources to support their learning. Our children with SEN across the school have good achievement when compared to national SEN performance.


Teacher booster £24,302

In three of our classes – two in Year 2 and one in Year 6 – an additional teacher has supported the PP’s children Maths and English learning. This has resulted in our highest attainment  in Year 2 which is close to national averages for the first time and achievement in Year 6 that is above national averages.


Pupil & Family Services         £6,040

Some of our most vulnerable PP children have been supported by an art therapist and a counsellor. This has resulted in improved wellbeing for these children.


Extra Curricular Activities     £10,515

Sutton Play      £5000

All our PP children have access to additional daily sporting / PE activities at lunchtime. This has had a positive impact on fitness levels and playground behaviour.


Theatre/Plays  £695

All of our PP children have enjoyed 2 visits from a theatre group. This has enhanced their cultural experience in a way that they might not otherwise have had access to.


Additional Trips  £1000

Pupil premium children are given subsidised access to school trips to ensure that they are able to participate in a wide range of educational experiences.


Swimming £2,925

Pupil premium children in Year 3 & 4 have access to a three week daily intensive swimming programme. This is provided free of cost and all of our PP children have made progress with swimming. This has enhanced their fitness levels and understanding of water safety as we live in a coastal city.


Play Pod £895

All our PP children have access to additional daily playpod activities at lunchtime. This has had a positive impact on fitness levels and playground behaviour.


Funded School Trips  £7,338

London 2013   £3,669

A small group of elected PP children had to wonderful opportunity of visiting The Houses of Parliament, the Natural History Museum and seeing a West End Musical. This extraordinary cultural experience will live with them forever.


Heatree 2013  £3,669

PP from two of our classes enjoy a week long subsidised trip to an outdoor education centre. Here, they develop their perseverance, team work, resilience and ability to face challenges. These are all vital life skills.


Early Reading Intervention  £39,742

Reading Recovery Teacher   £37,509

A number of our PP children in our 4  KS1 classes receive additional, specialist reading intervention from a highly skilled specialist reading recovery teacher. As a result, end of KS1 reading data is almost in line with national data despite significantly low starting points at the beginning of Foundation Stage.


Accelerated Reader    £2,233

All PP children across KS2 have access to additional resources to encourage their reading for pleasure. This year’s end of KS2 data shows that outstanding progress continues across KS2 resulting in achievement above national averages.


Walking Bus   £3,520

Where the attendance of PP children is below 95%, and starting to impact on their learning, teaching assistants will personally collect them from their home address. This has had a significant effect on improving the attendance of our PP children and whole school attendance has gone from 94.89% to 96.3%  across the year.


TA Specialist Support    £16,594

Phonics boosting   £14, 318

Two teaching assistants are employed to support the reading recovery teacher in delivering specialist interventions to KS1 children, including PP children, who need to make more rapid progress in reading. As a result, progress in reading across KS1 is outstanding.


Dance   £2,276

All PP children have access to a specialist dance teacher who enhances their enjoyment, fitness and creativity skills.


Outdoor education   £250

Camping trip

All PP children in Year 3 have the opportunity to spend the night camping at a local farm. This helps to develop their team work and understanding of the natural world – especially important for children who live in an inner city area.