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PSHE, Citizenship and the School Council at Prince Rock Primary School 2019/20


The School Council has had a very busy start to the year! Here are some of the things that they have been engaged with:


-All councillors have been busily carrying out their rota duty in the playground at lunchtime. The MTAs have remarked on how helpful and responsible they are. The councillors also introduced their school playground and lunchtime rules to the rest of the school during assembly.


-2 Year Six councillors have attended a City Youth Council meeting with Jono Madely. They engaged with school councillors from across the city to help plan Plymouth’s Mayflower 2020 celebrations.


-The School Council have decided that the chosen charity for 2019/20 will be the NSPCC and Children in Need. -


- Our  first fundraiser was very successful. The School Council decided to organise a ‘spotty mufti’ day to raise money for Children in Need during our Friendship Week. £262 was raised for this special cause.


- On the last day of the Autumn Term, the school council organised a ‘cuddly toy day’ to raise money for the NSPCC. Many children enjoyed sharing their day with their toys and the event raised lots of money for this important cause.


- During the Autumn Term, the School Council helped to interview several new members of staff for the school. They took their role very seriously and some tricky questions of the candidates.


-  We appointed two Year 6 LAT School councillors who attended an event with councillors from our partner Academy schools. They discussed plans for Mayflower 2020.


- The councillors completed a CATER-ed survey to give their opinions about the school dinners.


- During the Spring Term, the school council is looking forward to holding a ‘Prince Rock Bake Off’ to raise money for the NSPCC. They are also looking forward to the next LAT meeting.