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PSHE, Citizenship and School Council 2021-22


This year has started brilliantly and it feels like we have gained some much needed momentum after two years of disruption to our school lives. As last year was so heavily interrupted, the previously democratically elected councillors, who sadly missed out on much of the associated activities, have continued in their positions and will do until the end of the autumn term. Please see a list of our Autumn Term councillors below.


Since the start of the academic year we have met twice so far and have held some valuable face-to-face council meetings to discuss an array of topics. During our first meeting, we planned which charities Prince Rock would support this term and how we would support them. We thought carefully about ensuring that our community was able to support a variety of different charities in different ways and that fundraising events were spread throughout the term to enable as many families as possible to contribute. Please see our fundraising plan attached below. 


We have also devised a timetable of roles and responsibilities for our school councillors, to encourage civic pride and community responsibility.  In addition to our council meetings, the children have also facilitated class council meetings with their class peers. Using the agenda, the councillors have encouraged discussion regarding a range of topics and have introduced this term's fundraising campaigns. Each year group has also compiled a list of suggestions and ideas as to how we could improve their time at Prince Rock. After the half term break, we have invited Mrs Hanley to attend our meeting so we can discuss with her the possibility of implementing some of our ideas!   



World Mental Health Day: supporting Young Minds


Our first campaign was a celebration and fundraising event for World Mental Health Day on Friday 8th October. The council chose to support the charity Young Minds, which helps young people and their families during times of mental crisis and provides online advice to any young person who needs support with their mental health and well-being. To raise funds and show our support for the national campaign we wore yellow mufti and collected monetary donations. We were overwhelmed by the response of our generous families and raised a magnificent,



Thank you to everyone who took part in the event and to everyone who donated!

World Mental Health Day: supporting Young Minds fundraising poster

Harvest Festival: supporting Plymouth Food bank


As part of Harvest this year, Miss Prothero wrote to the school council requesting their help. She was having trouble deciding which charity to support and enlisted the council in making the final choice from a short list of possible recipients. The council were unanimous in their decision and chose the local charity Plymouth Foodbank (part of the Trussell Trust). To support this charity the councillors decided that during Harvest Festival we would ask families to donate food which could be used to help feed local families in financial crisis. The response was incredible and with the donations a veritable mountain of delicious food was created ready to feed deserving families in our own community and others in Plymouth. A representative collected the food and once it's been weighed they will inform us of exactly how much we collected!


Thank you Prince Rock for your amazing generosity!   

Plymouth Food bank fundraising poster:

Autumn term 2 updates


For the school council autumn term 2 continued with the same enthusiasm as term 1 and with many highlights for us to share. We raised incredible amounts for our chosen charities and enjoyed some super activities during friendship and parliament weeks. Please find below school council's updates relating to this term.


Prince Rock Primary School Spring Term 2022

Unfortunately, the spring term started at a slower pace than we would have liked but we have managed to hold elections for our new councillors in years 4-6  and we are excited to start meeting again and implementing some of the suggestions the children made during the autumn term. We have organised our fundraising campaigns for term e.g. which charities we will be supporting, why we have chosen them and how we will be supporting. Please find below a list of our new councillors and the charity plan. 

Prince Rock's School Council documentation spring term 2022

PSHE, citizenship and the school council 2020-2021


The year started so promisingly for our school council and for all the children at Prince Rock.

In September, we held democratic elections and each class selected their councillors. We met three times during the first month (socially distanced of course), discussing a wide range of topics, deciding on which charities we would like to support this year and making suggestions for the year ahead.


On October 9th we held our first fundraiser of the year raising money for our chosen charity Young Minds, which raises awareness of mental health and well-being among children and young adults. We raised money by wearing yellow to school, which certainly brightened our day! School council continued to meet regularly, though after half term we were unable to meet due to Covid 19 restrictions.


November saw the annual Prince Rock Friendship Week, in which we promote positive relationships and raise awareness of bullying. Importantly, we were reminded of what bullying is using the acronym S.T.O.P (Several Times on Purpose) and what we should do if we think we or someone we know is being bullied. To celebrate our friendships, we wore silly socks to raise money for Children in Need and the Anti-bullying Alliance. We also wrote some postcards featuring positive messages to our friends across the school in different year groups, who we hadn’t seen for a while due to Coronavirus.


At the end of 2020, we held one last fundraiser in aid of Save the Children, raising money by wearing our Christmas jumpers. We raised a staggering £589.92 which will make a real difference to the lives of the children who need our help!


After Christmas, most of us learned at home, until the middle of March, when we excitedly returned to school. As soon as we returned, the school council began to think about who we could help, and we decided to support Comic Relief. Shane (our chef) and his team, kindly baked red-nose biscuits for everyone to enjoy and we raised a further £220 for a wonderful cause.



Looking ahead:

  • As the work of our school council has been so disrupted this year, the same councillors will stay in post until Christmas 2021 and new councillors will be elected in the spring term 2022.
  • We can’t wait for school council meetings to resume, hopefully in September 2021 and we will look forward to LAT council meetings in the future.
  • In the autumn term, we will be introducing and encouraging everyone to use the suggestion boxes placed around the school. 
  • School councillors will also be leading the introduction of key stage 2 peer mediators to help manage any problems or disputes in the playground.