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KS2 Multi-Skills Event


On Monday 11th March 2019, nine children from Key Stage 2 went to Lipson Co-operative Academy to represent Prince Rock at the annual multi-skills festival. It was a close competition and our children came 2nd overall – they should all be incredibly proud of themselves!



Here is a report of the event from the Plymouth School Sports Partnership: 


“This afternoon saw six of Lipson's feeder primary schools attend the annual KS2 Multi Skills festival. The festival was organised and set up by the year 9 JSLA students who are gaining this qualification through their PE lessons. The activities that they had planned focussed upon using the fundamental skills associated to sport such as agility, coordination, speed and power to name only a few. The atmosphere throughout the afternoon was exciting and it was great to see so many pupils getting involved. The stations were individually timed and with the support of the JSLA students, each team were shown how to complete the task to the best of their ability. Overall a fun and enjoyable evening was had by all with the schools really showing off what their pupils are capable of. The final results were as followed:


6th Place = Laira Green with 756 points.

5th Place = Mount Street with 1070 points

4th Place = High View with 1123 points

3rd Place = Salisbury Road B with 1171 points

2nd Place = Prince Rock with 1220 points

1st Place = Salisbury Road A with 1379 points


Well done to everyone who was involved, especially Salisbury Road A team who went away winners from the event. Overall this was a well organised event which saw the Lipson leaders take control of the festival and encourage the best out of the primary children involved. Thank you to everyone who took part, plus to the JSLA leaders, teachers and parents for attending and supporting the event. Until next time...”

KS1 Multi-Skills Event


On Thursday 10th January 2019, ten children from Year 1 and 2 went to a Multi-Skills Event hosted at Lipson School. The children got to participate in a range of multi-skill activities and enjoyed meeting new friends from other schools. The children each did really well and as a team came 4th overall narrowly missing out being in the top 3. Some of the children even broke the record for the most points scored on some of the activity stations - they were very happy with this. As always, we are so proud of their brilliant behaviour and super determination at this event.




Here is an overview of the event from the organiser:


“This evening saw 60 students from our feeder primary schools arrived at Lipson to participate in the KS1 Multi Skills Festival. This festival had been organised primarily by the Year 9 JSLA students who are completing their course this year, so there were various activities on show. From the start, all the students were really getting involved in the planned events showing real determination and focus on achieving their best. There were 10 stations all together which focussed upon various skills that are used by people each day, including reaction time, agility and coordination. All the students listened well and were a credit to their individual primary school. Overall the results at the end were very close.


In 3rd place came Laira Green with 2584pts, 2nd was Mount Street with 2620pts and in 1st position by just two points was Salisbury Road with 2622pts. Overall a great event, which I look forward to delivering again next year. Well done to everyone involved and for the staff and parents for attending and supporting.”


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Multi-Skills Event Stations


Station 1 – Bean Bag Throw:  How far can you throw the beanbags? 6 hoops worth different points. Furthest is worth 20, middle is worth 10 and closest is worth 5. Two sets/lines of hoops and 8 beanbags.


Station 2 – Standing Long Jump:  How far can you jump from standing? 10 points to furthest jumper, 1 point for least.


Station 3 – Skittles:  How many skittles can you knock down with 3 balls (number of skittles = score given. If a strike, the person receives 20 points).


Station 4 – The Agility Slalom: Run in and around the cones there and back. Time stops when you get back to the start. Fastest time gets 10 points etc.


Station 5 – Balancing Act: How long can you balance for? 30 seconds max. The time gets added to their score.


Station 6 –  Running Station: Run around the lap as many times as possible in 30 seconds. The number of laps adds on to their score.


Station 7 – Speed Bounce: how many times can you jump in 30 seconds? Number of times is what the score will be.


Station 8 – Catch the Ball: How many times can you catch the ball in 30 seconds. Number is added to their score. If ball is dropped, they continue from the last number.


Station 9 – Around the World: 8 tennis balls, 8 cones and a bucket. Each ball needs to be placed back into the bucket, one at a time. When complete the time is stopped and that is added to their score.


Station 10 – Reaction:  use a ruler and drop it without warning. Score/measurement taken from the thumb.



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Order of Events


The event will be following this time schedule.

This may change depending upon how the event it taking shape.


Activity 1 – 4.00pm

Activity 2 – 4:10pm

Activity 3 – 4:20pm

Activity 4 – 4:30pm

Activity 5 – 4:40pm

Activity 6 – 4:50pm

Activity 7 – 5.00pm

Activity 8 – 5:10pm

Activity 9 – 5:20pm

Activity 10 – 5:30pm


Awards ceremony 5:45pm – All schools gather in the sports hall.

Medals for the winners and certificates for everyone else.