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Jump and Rebound

Jump and Rebound Festival


On Tuesday 11th February a group of LKS2 children represented the school at a 'Jump & Rebound Festival' at Coombe Dean Secondary School. The children got to take part in a range of trampette and springboard activities - they particularly loved jumping around! As always, the children were outstanding role-models for our school and we were pleased were their efforts. A special well done to Lyra who came 3rd place at the competition!



A message from the organiser of the event:


“50 Year 3 & 4 children from 8 primary schools - Marine Academy, Prince Rock, Elburton, Pomphlett, Laira Green, Wembury, Montpelier, Oreston -  and 14 Coombe Dean students took over the Coombe Dean gymnasium for the morning for the PSSP Jump and Rebound festival. 


Coombe Dean Leaders carefully guided the children through a series of jumping and landing stations designed to allow for progression of the skills.  Many of the leaders attend the Coombe Dean Aspire gym club and were able to confidently show off their skills. 5 of the leaders were from a Year 9 BTEC PE group and who very quickly adapted and applied their leadership abilities to the sport of gymnastics. Pupils experienced using the airtrack, trampettes and springboards as well as jumping on to and off high platforms.  A competition was held on the second run through to determine the best jump and the best landing. 


Jumping Competition


1st place: Lily from Laira Green

2nd place: George  from Pomphlett

3rd place; Lyra from Prince Rock


Landing Competition


1st place: Henri from Wembury

2nd place; Amelie from Montpelier

3rd place: Alfie from Marine Academy


Thanks to Abi - Head Coach at Coombe Dean Aspire - for helping to put together a great morning of gymnastic activity."