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Indoor Athletics

Yr 5/6 Lipson Indoor Athletics


Well done to our Yr 5/6 children who recently participated in the Indoor Athletics event. The children attended a fun Indoor Athletics event which was held at Lipson with 5 schools participating, Salisbury Road, Lipson Vale, High View, Prince Rock and Laira Green.


As always the girls were first up to the track, racing it out in the relays whilst the boys were on the field events setting the standard high for the rest of the evening. After the races were finished, it was time for them to swap over. The boys raced neck and neck for a lot of the races whilst their team mates cheered them on from the side lines. Our Yr 5/6 boys even won a few of their races!


After these events had finished, there was a change in the field events. First to try these out were the boys whilst the girls were back on the track for the next set of relays. Then they swapped over again with each race getting closer and closer.

The final event was the obstacle, one of the most difficult but most certainly loudest! Each team raced through it, trying to get minimal amount of faults for the quickest overall time.


Finally the results were in:


1st- Salisbury Road-166

2nd- High view- 126

3rd- Lipson Vale- 100

4th- Prince Rock- 78

5th- Laira Green- 70


A massive well done to everyone, a huge thank you to the Lipson staff, sports leaders from Lipson and Students from Marjons for making sure the event ran smoothly.