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    Welcome to the Summer Term in Year R



Reading, Writing and Literacy

The children have been enjoying daily phonic sessions and we will now be recapping digraphs (special friends) and trigraphs (best friends), as well as all taught single letter sounds. In addition to our sounds, we are learning lots of common words (such as: look, said, here) to help us with our reading and writing. We will look at using a simple success criteria in our writing too, this includes- capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. The children will engage in two whole class reading/oracy sessions per week where they will be broadening their vocabulary through a range of non-fiction and fiction texts. We will also be reading lots of traditional tales. Our author of the term is David Walliams.




This term we will be using numbers up to 20 and will be focusing on using language such as: add, take away, how many are left, altogether. This will help us to develop our understanding of basic addition and subtraction. We will be using lots of different objects to help us with this: counters, teddy bears, cubes, toy animals etc. We will be finding one more and less. We will also be learning about time, position and distance. Number formation is still a very important focus as is accurately ordering numbers to and from 20.


Understanding the World- Technology

This term we will be exploring ICT through the use of Beebots. We will be programming the Beebots to carry out basic instructions. They will help us with directions, sequencing and problem solving.    




We will be engaging in various circle time activities where the children will talk about how they and others show feelings, talk about their own and others’ behaviour, and its consequences, and know that some behaviour is unacceptable. We will also be looking at British Values in our PSED sessions.



Expressive Arts and Design

Our activities will be linked to the topic of ‘Traditional Tales’. We will be taking part in drama based activities in class. We will be making models and exploring colour, line and form to draw and paint characters from the stories. We will be using water paints to explore these skills.


Physical Development

This term we will be focussing on ball skills in our PE sessions. We will also be practising our handwriting daily when we come into school.


Key Dates and General Reminders

P.E. – Friday AM

Library – Friday afternoon.

Reading books will be changed on a Thursday.

Please ensure your child has their book in school on this day.


Please could you ensure all uniform is named, including P.E kits.

Please remember to bring book bags to school every day.  


Please check your child’s book bag each day for any letters etc.

Please put only water into the bottles.