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Level 2 Go Ride Competition (Year 5/6)


On the 26th September 2018, children from Year 5 and 6 from Prince Rock Primary School attended a Level 2 Go Ride event. The children came 6th overall and just missed out on going to the Level 3 Go Ride event! We are proud of our children’s effort and their brilliant behaviour.




Here is an overview of the event from the organisers:


“On the 26th September 2018, Hele’s School hosted this year’s Level 2 Go Ride event which 12 teams from 9 different primary school took part in. This event was only open for the children in years 5/6. All the children had a great time cycling around a wet track. But the track dried up quickly as the weather was beautiful, which allowed us to read out the results in the sun.


Each rider completed one lap of the course and using their times, they were seeded to order them into the appropriate race. Each rider then has a chance to compete against riders from other schools in order to win team glory and valuable team points.


All the results can be found in the table below, but a massive well done to our top 4 teams: Bickleigh Down, Oreston, Compton and Montpelier. These teams have now qualified to attend the level 3 Go Ride event.


Well done to all the riders. Thank you to Jonathan Tutte for supporting the event and designing the track which all the riders enjoyed going around. A massive thank you to Hele's School for allowing us to use their facilities and also to their fantastic leaders who supported the event.”


Level 2 Go Ride Competition League Table


Cyclocross 26.09.2018.jpg