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Primary Athletics (Brickfields)


Here is a summary of the event from the PSSP:


"Our annual Primary Athletics Competition was held at the very sunny Brickfields on 14th June for over 1500 young athletes from 52 schools. Gazebos were pitched early in the morning to grab the best spot around the track, ready for the day to start. Each school brought along children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 to compete in track, field and relay events. Every athlete was eligible to enter in one track, one field and one relay event.The participating schools were divided into three categories; Minor, Intermediate and Major. This depended on the total number of pupils in Key Stage 2 and would determine what schools would race and compete against each other throughout the day.


A fantastic flag ceremony opened the day; a tradition started in 2012 to link with the Olympics. 52 excellent flags were designed individually by the schools to parade proudly around the athletics track with the rest of their team.

It was then time to get the competition started! The heats for all the track events were held in the morning, and first to take to the track was the Minor category, Boys 60m sprint. From each track race, the top two runners went through to the finals, held in the afternoon. Meanwhile the field events were underway with young athletes competing in either a Long Jump, Vortex throw or Vertical Jump. Three attempts were given, with their best result being counted and scored.


The sun continued to beam down ready for the track finals in the afternoon. There were some very close races from many athletes and some strong relay changeovers towards the end of the day. Nevertheless, the incredible support from staff, parents and teammates continued. A huge thank you to the Young Leaders from Eggbuckland Community College and Notre Dame helped to run field events, give support on the track and guide the athletes to their starting positions for the races. They all did a fantastic job and were a credit to their schools.


I’m sure everyone who attended would agree that the day was a huge success and great fun was had by all!"




Quadkids Athletics Event


Well done to all our young athletes who took part in the Quadkids athletic event which was held at Brickfields on the 26th April 2017. Over 122 young athletes attended the event meaning there were 16 teams and Prince Rock placed 12th.


Here is a summary of the event from the PSSP:


“Although the rain clouds threatened, the sun shone on our 122 young athletes at today's Level two Quadkids event. All 16 teams were of course attending to take up the first track and field opportunity of the year, however apart from the medals there were also four level three places up for grabs.


On arrival the teams were split into four groups and supported by today's excellent leaders from Plympton Academy, taken to their first round of events. After competing in the 75m sprint, Vortex throw, 600m run and Long Jump all of the scores were added to our super computer and our winners were announced.


In reverse order the final results were:


16th - MAP2 - 650

15th - Ford - 776

14th - St Pauls RC - 858

13th - Pilgrim - 911

12th - Prince Rock - 956

11th - Stuart Road - 1030

10th - Knowle Primary - 1111

9th - Mount Street - 1193

8th - YFPS - 1203

7th - Compton - 1267

6th - Austin Farm - 1279

5th - Hooe - 1311

4th - St Peters RC - 1338

3rd - Oreston - 1342

2nd - Montpelier - 1476

1st - Elburton – 1561



Congratulations to the children from St Peters RC, Oreston, Montpelier and Elburton who will now represent Plymouth SSP at the level 3 games, which takes place later on in the year. Also a huge thank you to all of the teachers, leaders and officials who make these events possible."