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Archery Event


On Friday 17th May, four of our children represented the school brilliantly at an archery event held at Tor Bridge High. All of the children came back with huge smiles on their faces and they all said they didn't want to leave as they had such a great time!



 Here is an overview of the event from the organiser:


“Friday 17th May 2019 – Another fantastic event this morning run by the young leaders from Tor Bridge High. 8 teams from PSSP schools across the city, came along to take part in our Primary & Special Schools Archery festival. Children from Cann Bridge, Oreston, Plympton St. Maurice, Drake, Tor Bridge Primary, Prince Rock, Marine Academy Primary and Hyde Park all came along to learn some new skills and compete against each other. When each of the teams arrived, they were introduced to the young leaders that they would be working with all morning and they were taken through the key points of how to use the equipment; after a few quick practice arrows, we were straight in to the competition with each child having 3 chances to score as highly as possible with 3 arrows. While they were waiting for their turn, there were Archery worksheets for the children to complete and a ‘school crest’ challenge which resulted in some very creative designs. After the highest score competition, each of the leaders took their group through some fun games and challenges. I would like to say a huge thank you to our leaders today – you were fantastic with the children and really ensured that they all had a great time! Thank you to all of the staff that brought their teams along today – I hope that you enjoyed watching our new archers as much as I did. I look forward to seeing you all at another event very soon.”