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Year 6 Summer Term



This term the children will be covering all of the main aspects of Numeracy in a series of revision lessons. We will heavily focus on understanding reasoning and word problems and will cover topics such as fractions, decimals and percentages within these problems. Once SATs are over, the children will continue with Maths but through a more topic based approach.



This term the children will focus on their understanding of grammar and punctuation, as well as their ability to comprehend text. They will be taking part in a series of ‘SPAG’ sessions in preparation for their SATs tests each morning and will be having an hour session on reading comprehension on most days. Once SATs are over, Literacy will be taught in a variety of topic based lessons.



This term the children are learning about light and they will also continue to build on their existing knowledge of living things through the evolution unit. Within this topic, the children will be looking at how inheritance can cause differences within a species. The Sex Education programme is scheduled for after SATs week; more details will be forwarded in the near future.



This term we will be concluding our work on Europe which will include learning about different Mountains in Geography. Our topic after SATs is MAD (Make a Difference). We will be learning about key figures from the past that have changed the world for the better and encouraging the children to think about how they can make a difference themselves. In Art, the children will be working on a project focusing on the famous Golden Gate Bridge. In Computing, the children will be continue to plan and present ideas about their app; this will involve lots of teamwork! In PE, the children will be learning how to play rounders and athletics in preparation for Sports Day.  In RE, the children will be learning about how people put their faiths into action. In Spanish, the children will be learning about Spanish names for parts of the body. In Music the children will be learning all about Hip Hop music and working on their own class composition. In addition, we will be putting our acting, singing and dancing skills into practice for our leavers’ play.


Extra information

This term we will continue to develop our learning powers: tools, trying, together and thinking. It is an important term for the Year 6 children with SATs, preparing for moving to a new school, Sex and Relationship Education and the leavers’ show.  Please ensure that your children are in school every day during the week beginning the 8th May.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Year 6 team. Thank you for your continued support.



In order to support your child with their Spanish please use the resources below. The children will be learning a range of common words and sentences in Spanish. This will include; days of the week, numbers from 1-20, months of the year, families, colours, foods, classroom objects and pets. 


BBC Bitesize:


Days of the Week -

Numbers -

Months of the Year -

Family -

Colours -

Foods -

Classroom -

Pets -