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Year 4

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 4


Our topic this term is 'Anglo Saxons and The Vikings'


In Mathematics this term the children will be refining their understanding of place value and number by counting backwards through zero to include negative numbers.  They will also be counting in multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1 000.  Addition and subtraction of numbers with up to 4 digits, using the formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction, will be studied too. The children will also be exploring multiplication and division as well as studying their times tables on a daily basis through the times tables rock stars program.


In English we will be studying grammar throughout the term and this will begin with a look at verbs and adverbs.  There will also be regular spelling and handwriting sessions. The children will use their reading of ‘How to Train your Dragon’ to inspire their narrative writing as they look at how the story is structured into 5 parts. We will also undertake a unit on poetry using the poem The MORERAPS by Joseph Costello as inspiration. To encourage and inspire the children, a range of drama activities will take place across the term throughout their English lessons.


Our Science topics this term are Electricity and Sound.  In Electricity, the children will learn about the hazards of electricity and how to keep safe. They will draw and create electrical circuits.  In Sound, the children will be learning about how sound is measured and how the vibrations are what caused us to hear it. They will carry out a range of investigations that look at sound proofing. Then they will learn how to record and present results.


Our history topic this term is ‘The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.’  We will be focusing on the way the invaders and the settlers changed Britain.  In computing, the children will be learning about computer programming language using Scratch.  In music, the children will be learning the keyboard from a specialist teacher as well as having a range of school wide singing opportunities.  In Art and DT they will be learning about the art created by the artist Mondrian. They will be able to recreate his work as well as have a go at their own Mondrian inspired piece. In RE, the children will be learning about inspirational people focussing on Jesus and Muhammad and the lessons they teach us.  The children learn Spanish weekly and will be developing their vocabulary, learning different greetings, to say how they feel, what time of the day it is and different colours.  In P.E. the children will be refining their netball playing skills as well as exploring what it means to be part of a successful team. In SMSC, we will look at changes in our lives and what makes us unique. 


Reading books will be needed in school every day but please ensure your child reads regularly at home too. Homework will be given out each Friday and will need to be handed in the following Thursday. Spellings will come home on a Tuesday and will be tested on the following Tuesday. It's going to be a really exciting term!