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Thank you to:







The Japan Society for their generous grant to help us run our Japan Day on the 5th June 2015.


The Japan Foundation for their generous grant which has helped us to pay for a Japanese teacher and a range of Japanese themed books.

Hello Teacher

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The students greet us in Japanese

Japanese Club Photos


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The students count to ten in Japanese!
1 (ichi)
2 (ni)
3 (san)
4 (shi/yon)
5 (go)
6 (roku)
7 (shichi/nana)
8 (hachi)
9 (kyū/ku)
10 (jū)

Japanese Links


Web Japan Logo

Learn more about Japanese schools including a section on Japanese phrases.

Japanese learning site logo

A free Japanese-language learning site. Art, crafts, colouring and information on Japan. Japanese language games to help you learn Japanese. Information on Japan. National Geographic for kids guide to Japan. A live link to a “Panda cam” to see what a giant panda does during their day.



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The students wave us goodbye