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Cross country at Coombe Dean

Cross country at Coombe Dean 1
Cross country at Coombe Dean 2

On Thursday 11th October, 12 children from Key Stage Two attended a cross country event at Coombe Dean School. As usual, their behaviour and attitude was excellent and they should all be proud of their achievements. There were four races altogether which included a Year three/Year four race for the girls, a Year three/ Year four races for the boys, a Year five/ Year six race for the girls and a Year five/ year six race for the boys. 


A huge congratulations to Oliver who came 3rd out of about 100 children in his race to earn a bronze medal! He said "I didn't think I was going to get a medal but I knew I had to sprint for the last bit to get it!"

Below you can find the report from the Plymouth School Sports Partnership. 

On the 11th October, our final cross country warm took place at Coombe Dean. It was quite a dull day but thankfully the rain held off so all the athletes could run without getting wet.

15 schools took part with a huge 69 teams completing in the final cross country warm up event. Now all the warm ups are complete, the next cross country event is the level 2 next week.

The year 3/4 girls were first to race, followed by the year 3/4 boys. Then the year 5/6 girls. Then last to race were the year 5/6 boys. All the athletes put in a lot of effort to finish in the lowest position they could. All the positions in that school team would then get added together to give each team category an overall score.

The warm up 3 team score results. Hooe Primary won the year 3/4 girls race. The winner of the year 3/4 boys was Compton A. Bickleigh Down won the year 5/6 girls and Goosewell Primary were the winners of the 5/6 boys.

Across all 3 warm ups we totalled up the team scores to give us an accumulative score for each race. So the overall team winners of the year 3/4 girls race were Bickleigh Down. The overall team winners of the year 3/4 boys race were Compton C of E. Bickleigh Down were also the overall winners of the year 5/6 girls race. And finally Goosewell A were the overall team winners of the year 5/6 boys race.

A massive thank you to all the leaders from Coombe Dean and a huge well done to all the athletes who ran on the day.