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LKS2 Quadkids Athletics Event


On Tuesday 7th May, 8 of our children competed in the Level 2 Quadkids event at Brickfields. The children were really determined to beat their personal best which they had been training for in school in their athletics lessons. We are proud of their efforts and determination at this event!



Here is an overview of the event from the organisers:


“Year 3/4 Quadkids took place on the 7th May at Brickfields. The standard was set very high from the start on our four events.

All 13 teams were of course attending to take up the first track and field opportunity of the year, however apart from the medals there were also four level three places up for grabs.

The teams were split into four groups and supported by excellent leaders from Stoke Damerel, St Boniface’s and Notre Dame; taken to their first round of events.

After competing in the 75m sprint, Vortex throw, 600m run and Long Jump all of the scores were added to our super computer and our winners were announced.

Well done to all of our athletes and thank you to our leaders and officials.

Congratulations to Montpelier, Compton, Hooe and Bickleigh Down who will advance to the Level 3 summer games in June.”



LKS2 Quadkids Athletics Results



UKS2 Lipson Indoor Athletics


On Monday 12th November 2018, 12 children from Year 5 and Year 6 competed in an Indoor Athletics Competition against three other schools at Lipson Co-operative Academy. The children were delighted to come joint second and bring home a silver medal each. Jack said 'I really enjoyed this event, the chest pass was my favourite activity'. We are so proud of all the children's efforts! Here is a picture of the children with their medals!




Here is an overview of the event from the organisers:


“Our 6th Indoor Athletics heat took place at Lipson secondary school. We had 4 schools attend who were Salisbury Road, Prince Rock, Laira Green and Mount Street. Each school brought one team, however Salisbury Road brought two teams.

As always, the girls were first up to the track competing in the 1+1 and 6 lap parlauf relays. In which, they set some really fast times. Meanwhile the boys were trying to score valuable points in the long and triple jump.Next up to the track was the boys who competed in some very competitive races. Whilst it was the girls turn to try and earn valuable points in the long and triple jump.


After a quick change, the girls were back on the track to compete in the 2+2 and 4x1 relays. The changeovers were very impressive, which helped them achieve some really fast times. Whist the girls were on the track, the boys were back on the field events to take part in chest push and speed bounce. Then the boys competed in the 2+2 and the 4x1 relays. Whilst the girls had their chance to earn points in the chest push and speed bounce. After another quick change over, it was time for the obstacle race. This race had a possibility to pick up some unwanted penalty points. The final results table all came down to this as a few penalty points could have determined your final position in the results table.


A massive well done to all who competed, you all showed amazing effort and determination in all the events. A huge thank you to the sports leaders from Lipson and Marjon students for all their help in making sure the event ran smoothly.

Congratulations to our gold medal winners Salisbury Road’s Non Bibs team.”


Lipson Indoor Athletics Team Results